Welcome to Yoga with Jaimee

Welcome to Yoga with Jaimee
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I believe yoga, the mind-body-spirit connected yoga, is a complete workout that EVERYONE can use to become healthy. I left the grind of the corporate world and became a yoga instructor so that I could help others find the health that I have discovered through yoga.

When I first committed to changing my life and getting healthy more than three years ago, I weighed more that 330

Jaimee's Before and After Picture | Every Day Active Challenge

Before and after picture taken when I hit the 100 pound lost milestone.

pounds and was recovering from having the gastric sleeve procedure. Once I was cleared for exercise, friends and family were enlisted to walk and work out with me. I eventually chose a personal trainer at a chain gym as well. Almost from the beginning, I knocked heads with my trainer because he didn’t quite understand from where I was coming. He had never been morbidly obese, nor did he know the challenges of managing nutrition and exercise for someone who was learning this new lifestyle. I therefore struggled to be successful with the traditional gym workout (cardio and weightlifting) and eventually quit the trainer.

From that point I sought out fitness classes, remembering my love of yoga. In 2000, I had discovered yoga for the first time at the local community center. The instructor INSISTED that everyone could be successful in yoga. Additionally, she worked doggedly to provide modifications and alternatives to the full expression of the poses so that everyone WAS successful. Almost two decades later, this type of yoga instruction is rare and difficult to find. At the chain gym, almost all of the yoga classes were ego-centric, filled with only the push to achieve the sweat, hold the pose and survive the heat. This did not make me want to continue at the gym, but I knew I needed to keep seeking until I found what I knew I needed.

During one of my follow-up visits with my bariatric doctor, the physician’s assistant suggested that I become the answer to my own challenge and become a personal trainer. I laughed at the time because the thought of me being physically fit enough to be a personal trainer seemed an impossible feat. However, after three years of training and trying every type of physical fitness, I have lost more than 120 pounds and conquered that negative thinking by earning my Registered Yoga Trainer 200 hour designation.

Yoga with Jaimee is my new reality. This is the beginning of my career in helping others achieve health with yoga. Thank you for joining the adventure. We will use this space to provide motivation and instruction in how you can incorporate yoga into your life. Be on the look out for not only my musings of yoga and how it will change your life but also for videos explaining poses, positive affirmations and so much more.

Contact me to set up your personal yoga instruction at the location of your choice. I am excited to share the power of yoga with you.