Day 2: Just Do It June—Make a Plan

Oliver Wendall Holmes Quote | Every Day Active Challenge
Keep Moving Forward…Make a Plan for the Trip!

Oh the joy of being a type A personality! Planning comes so naturally to me that I wouldn’t be surprised if myMama told me that I erupted into this world with a planner attached to my tiny baby hand [hyperbole much?].

I was reading Mackenzie Wagoner’s Vogue Magazine article from the May 2016 issue, “It’s Not a Diet: 5 Lifestyle Changes for a Better Body (And Life!)” and thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

THAT is Mackenzie’s tip to “Plan Ahead.” I had never really considered that in the grand scheme of a week packed with work, dance classes, chores, errands, laundry, visits, trips, etc., that I should also put in the plan my fitness activities.

Because of course I am that anal planner, I took it to the extreme and planned out my workouts for the entire month of June (#JustDoItJune), sometimes giving myself multiple options for some of the days.

Choices, people! Choices empower you to own your experiences!

I am blessed that my gym posts its group class calendars to its mobile app. I discovered while choosing my activities for the month that I could actually save the classes to my smart phone’s calendar. And wouldn’t you know it, that is a SMART phone! It sent me a reminder that I had an event today, and it factored in my drive time.

Phone: Beep-it-y Beep! Go to the gym, Aunt J-Me! Traffic is light.

Me: Why thank you, smart phone. Let’s go!

So, Friends, grab your chosen life organizer and add appointments for your fitness activities. If you can’t plan the month, at least plan the week. Tell me about your plans. Otherwise, for what else is an accountability partner?

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